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Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers has achieved fame, respect, appreciation and worth-while credit in a limited period of time. Our aim is to make delicious and most varied selection of sweets and bakery items. Taj Mahal offers the widest and most exclusive variety of cakes, traditional sweets, nimco, the finest selection of baked products and delicious fast food items in Chakwal. Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers prepares all the sweets from desi ghee.



Our celebrations and joy are incomplete without a sprinkling of sweets to refresh the occasion. Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers makes these moments even more memorable with its exclusive and meticulously prepared sweets. Made with some of the finest and most hygienic ingredients. We prepared all sweets from desi ghee.

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Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers prides itself on having a freshest, tastiest baked goods in Chakwal. Drop by our bakery to see (and taste) for yourself what we're all about. You can come in for some freshly baked bread, a sweet treat, a sandwich and specialty items, or to order a delicious cake for an upcoming celebration!

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Fast Food

Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers is your destination for healthy, fast food. In the Chakwal, our belief is simple: we are deeply passionate about the great taste of our fast food products like pizza, burgers and innovative food for all our customers. Taj Mahal Sweets & Bakers prepares all fast food from corn oil.

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